You can see Alaska bear sleep mask 2 straps reviews from our site. Alaska bear sleep mask 2 straps reviews provide 100% soft natural silk sleep mask, sleep blindfold, smooth eye mask, and 2 straps. You can buy this sleep mask product from our site via the website. Sleep maks blindfold is a powerful weight loss product in the world.

Alaska bear sleep mask 2 straps

Highlights two lightweight flexible ties for ideal fit and least weight on your cheekbones and eyebrows/temple, go above and beneath ears

Fitted with a delicate and dainty nose fold, that rests tenderly over the extension of your nose, which prevents light from entering from around the nose territory. It additionally offers additional solace for those utilizing the rest veil

Perfect for a sleeping disorder, headache cerebral pains and dry-eye sufferers, as the breathable, normal filaments of hypoallergenic silk permits solid oxygen in while keeping dry let some circulation into; Smooth silk doesn’t retain skin salves, so it won’t disturb night eye creams or lotions all over

Get the advantages of absolute power outage, regardless of whether at home, in lodging or on the plane (where splendid drove light and dry air can be particularly brutal). The ideal travel assistants to help keep you feeling refreshed and revived

Care: hand washes in cool water with mellow cleanser; lay level to dry.

Item Description

Mood killer from the world – in your very own style and conditions!

Realizing you will regularly utilize our top-notch resting cover in a hurry, we improved with a great drawstring convey sack for simple vehicle and safe stockpiling. In addition, for significantly progressively beautiful appearance, in any event, when you snooze or rest, you may investigate 13 smooth examples and shading styles.

Find flexible and chic plans for the two people. We truly have something for each taste.

Silk sleep mask

Improve the nature of your rest – the ideal opportunity for luxurious rest is currently! Welcome to Mulberry Silk Eye Sleep Mask – where profound plush rest is your new reality.

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Speedy snooze or profound rest anyplace

Regardless of what you need: apathetic evening snoozes at your home/laying and rests on the plane/transport/train/to concentrate on your yoga/contemplation and so on. This is conceivable with our full inclusion silk resting eye cover. What’s more, when you feel the solace and extravagance materials, you make certain to make it your movement frill for unwinding and continuous rest anyplace, whenever!

Superbly fitted for 100% light blocking

Superbly fitted to your face because of the adaptable plan, you will wake up stimulated significantly following an awful night’s rest. Cozy the rest silk veil tight to your face utilizing the versatile tie and in a split second feel revived and spoiled. At that point go, nod off with the solace on your eyes and without the brilliance, regardless of in the event that you need a brisk vitality rest or profound, tranquil entire night rest!

The spoiled and secured eye region

It’s a great opportunity to think for the future and secure your eye zone! The silk in the eye spread improves assimilation of your excellence items, doesn’t pull or wrinkle your eyelashes like cotton, and ensures the sensitive eye territory. Making an ideal collaboration and adjusted pH that help to build skin hydration. Hostile to maturing advantages avoid under eye wrinkles by keeping you saturated all through your entire resting session.

Care Instructions

Hand washes delicately with a little mellow cleanser/Soap in cool water. Try not to utilize fade or cleansing agent. Try not to clean or curve. Delicately crush out a large portion of the water. Air dry. To make it last, keep out of clothes washers, high temp water, direct daylight.

Great common silk which feels grand

Utilizing top-notch mulberry silk texture, we remastered the eye cover to be ultra-smooth on the two sides along these lines reveling your eyes each second of your resting.

Completely movable headband

The rest veil utilizes a sans latex nylon flexible. The movable versatile headband makes a rest veil reasonable for any dozing position.

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