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Best hair straightening brush 2019

Human services FOR YOUR HAIR: This thing is an electric hair straightener brush for the most part of the day by daycare, it helps detangle your hair and fix hair quickly while abandoning a sound sparkly, smooth, without frizz hair. Effectively fathom hair hitching, diminish torment and hair broken, fix the hair nature of the damage. Accomplish lovely straight salon quality hair that will keep going for the whole day! Note: It gives you a smooth and normal straight look and can’t fix the hair as the level iron does.

MCH HEATING” Advanced MCH warming has exceptional prevalence than PTC in the showcase, quick, uniform warming and homo-thermal. Just turn it on, hair fixing brush temperature will be shown on the LED screen. Stand by not exactly a moment and afterward fix your hair. The flexible warmth temperatures from 150℃(300℉) to 230℃(450℉) enable you to coordinate your particular hair type: dainty, fine, blanched, wavy or twisted. Simply 60s, it can warmth up to the setting temperature and offer an incredible outcome!

INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Ionic can enter into hair center, seriously support hair from inside to make more grounded hair that is increasingly impervious to the dry, harming impacts. In the interim, the 360° swivel power line and averts wire twining and makes it perfect for proficient salon use, travel and at-home haircare. It gives you a smooth encounter unfailingly. Additionally, you can without much of a stretch switch among ℃ and ℉ by squeezing the power button and the Ionic catch together.

SAFE: The whole warmed region is encompassed with hard plastic fibers to shield you from consuming. Your hair straightener has a programmed killing component following the use of 30 minutes to protect you and your counters. On the off chance that you need to utilize it once more, you can press the power catch to turn on the apparatus. It has double voltage going from 100V to 240V appropriate for movement and works excursion. Note: The signal voice is the security brief tone of intensity supply and temperature alteration.

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2-YEAR WARRANTY: You can clean it by your dry, perfect and extra cosmetics brush. Keeping you fulfilled is our main objective. We are so sure you’ll adore this brush. You’re secured by a 2-year, no-questions-asked substitution or discount assurance and world-class individual client assistance, so request TODAY! You don’t have anything to lose and delightful hair to pick up!

Item Description

1. Top-notch ceramic brush

The top-notch ceramic iron teeth guarantee zero harm to your hair. And it gives you more control of your style while lessening flyaways and static.

2. 5 temp levels settings for a wide range of hair

The flexible warmth temperatures from 150℃(300℉) to 230℃(450℉) enable you to coordinate your particular hair type.

3. 360 Swivel Power Cord

The 360° swivel power rope and counteracts wire twining and makes it perfect for proficient salon use, travel and at-home hair care.

2 IN 1 MCH Heating + Ionic straightener brush!

MCH Heating: Metal Ceramic Heater (MCH) warming components are little artistic stones with self-constraining temperature qualities. MCH stones have quick warming reaction time and level once the predefined reference temperature is come to. It gives even warmth appropriation and snappy temperature recuperation time. Gives you normal solid sleek looks instead of level consumed look and leaves your hair simple to oversee.

Best ionic hair brush

Propelled Ionic Technology: The implicit ionic generator transmits a measure of negative oxygen particles that can connect with the atomic particles in your hair to fix and smooth hair fingernail skin. They seal the hair fingernail skin decreasing fuzziness, split closures, tying and leaving hair smooth and glistening. Altogether supporting and reinforcing hair, counteract hair dry and tied. Show the hair gets the elaboration, twofold and splendid!

Warmth Temperatures Match Your Specific Hair Type

Level 1: Around 150℃(300℉), appropriate for first time client or client with meager and fine hair, or faded hair.

Level 2: Around 170℃(340℉), appropriate for colored or dim shading hair.

Level 3 and Level 4: Around 190℃(380℉) to 210℃(410℉), appropriate for ordinary or marginally twisted hair.

Level 5: Around 230℃(450℉), appropriate for thick and wavy hair, or hard to style hair.


Information Voltage: 100-240V

Item Size: 27*7*4cm

Bundle Size:32.5*10*6cm

Item Weight: 380g

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